Should I be getting annoyed at this?

When I got home from work today I found that somebody had parked in the allocated parking space we have outside our place. We do have two allocated space, but my partner’s car was in the other one.

I have never seen his car before and I was really really angry that they had parked in what was obviously a parking space labelled as belonging to a house that they were not visiting.

And surely if they were visiting somebody else, that person would have said that they couldn’t park where they had?

It really got to me and I spent the next six hours looking out of the window every five minutes hoping to catch sight of who they were. If I could see them, I’m pretty sure I was going to go out and shout at them. I’m feeling really angry today and bit concerned that I got into such a rage about a parked car.

I’m beginning to think that I’m emotionally suffering a bit, especially with my worry about my general health and well-being, and the diet and exercise issues that I am starting to confront.

On top of that, work has been a bit stressful and I think that things might be coming to a head on several fronts. I think I will need to speak to my partner soon in order for him to understand what is going on in my head, before I end up alienating myself through having a go at him about something.

Anyway, six hours after it appeared, the car disappeared and I didn’t have a chance to see them. I felt calmer once I parked my car in the space that was mine. I’m really concerned that I got so angry.


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