The diet and exercise routine seems to be paying off

I’m pleased to report that after my low the other day, I’m starting to feel a lot more positive and upbeat about everything in my life. I’ve been to the gym a couple of times and going through the pain barrier more quickly. This is making me feel much more positively energised physically and emotionally.

I’m following a decent diet now, which contains plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and raw foods. I’ve also managed to cut out most of the rubbish and get some proper sleep.

After the awful day I had where I messed up that project, I’ve managed to turn things round at work and my boss has been very sympathetic and has even offered me time off if I need it. I feel much more valued member of the team and everyone has been really great, I think they have all realised I’m not a bad person and I usually try really hard and that I must have issues to have let them down.

I did tell my boyfriend about what happened the other day and he was very sympathetic. He said he understood and said that he was obviously very worried about me, and would keep a slightly closer eye on me, and has asked me to speak to him more about my inner feelings. My body image issues have been getting worse and I think it’s due to the stress of work and life.

So all in all, things are slightly more positive. I’m getting regular exercise at the gym, and I’m using the information I’m getting from people on the Internet to get myself a proper diet and positive energy system going.

Hopefully my next blog post will be the more upbeat, I am looking to lose weight and tone up, but not do anything crazy.

But as you know the rollercoaster of life can sometimes make this difficult to achieve, and sometimes you feel great one day and then something completely unexpected hit you in the face the next. I know, I know, that is a negative outlook, but anyone reading this will know that it is also the truth. I hope you have a good day wherever you are.


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