It’s time for me to make better food and diet choices

The past few weeks have been a real revelation to me. I think I have started confront the reality of where I am in terms of my general health. I started to focus more on the food and diet that I have, and to start seeing the truth about what I actually eat on a daily basis and how it affects me.

One thing I am going to do is to start juicing a bit. I started to look around at the amount of fruit and vegetables that me and my partner are throwing away every week. Because you just pick up a bit during preparation, or after you eat, and throw it in the bin, you don’t really notice the volume that is adding up. But this week I have been putting it all in a container and it is loads.

So what I’m doing is buying a blender that can juice as well. Then I’m going to start making daily vegetable and fruit juice blends, and including them in my diet. I’m not sure going to go on a proper juice diet, where you abstain from food and replace it with juice instead, but I think as a supplement as part of a general reduction in volume and change in food type, it could be useful.

The hardest meal of the day for me is lunch. I tend to overeat at lunchtime because I’ve been running around during the morning and I know probably won’t have time to eat anything until six or 7 o’clock in the evening. So what I’m thinking is if I take a freshly juiced blend of vegetables and fruit to work with me, I can drink that while working at my desk, and get a really good hit of energy and nutrients, but without having to stop and eat.

In other news, we are thinking of getting a pet dog. My partner said he would like one and was showing me some amazing little pedigree Alsatians that his friend has locally. The photos were adorable and I’m thinking that we might get one. I know an Alsatian is a big dog, and will be a lot of work, but I’m also thinking about my exercise issues and if I have to get out and walk a dog twice today, that is going to help me to be more physically active.